Hi. Thanks for visiting. This is the home of Scott Willsey, a human of earth. I live near Portland, Oregon. It’s got bicyclesbridgesfoodcoffeebeer, and snowboarding. And even hockey.


There, that’s my 1990’s personal website intro out of the way. I kind of like it. It’s so retro. I should probably have Netscape blink tags and MIDI music going.

My Words

I infrequently write words on my Words page. I also put other words about great local stuff on my Portland page. I post here too infrequently, I know, but I’d rather say nothing than talk just to hear myself (or see my words onscreen). I do occasionally post stuff on Medium, although I have mixed feelings about that platform. I’m always dreaming up new ideas for other writing projects that never seem to materialize, but who knows… stay tuned.

My Podcasts

I have released a few podcasts over the years. Many of them are on my Podcasts page.

I have three currently active podcasts: Don’t Nihongo It Alone with Jeff RubergNot Speeding In Reverse with Peter Nikolaidis., and Pocket Sized Podcast with Ronnie Lutes.



I live near Portland, Oregon, which has some pluses. I will be posting some of the great food, beverage, and activity benefits of the area on my Portland page.

I’m older than some of you kids: I’ve worked in technology for almost a quarter century, and I was around to witness the dawn of personal computers. My first personally owned computer was an original Mac 128k, but my brother got me into computers when I was a kid through various Japanese パソコン and then his own Apple II. I actually have two Apple IIGS computers in my closet. I just need to work up an adapter to get them working with one of my current monitors, then I can start troubleshooting any other hardware issues.

I lived in Japan for eight years as a kid. My dad and I did a podcast a few years ago about our experiences there called Audio Gaijin. You can find those episodes on my Audio Gaijin archive. Now my friend Jeff Ruberg and I host a podcast about the experience of learning Japanese called Don’t Nihongo It Alone.

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