Audio Gaijin (20)15 – Seven Years Later

As I referenced in an earlier post, I did a podcast called Audio Gaijin with my dad in 2006 and 2007. The podcast was about our time in Japan during the mid ‘70’s to mid ‘80’s.

One episode featured a friend and fellow gaijin of ours, Scott Howder. Late last summer, dad and I got on Skype with Scott and recorded a really overdue episode 15. Seven years is a long time to go between episodes. Almost eight if you factor in that I didn’t even get it edited and posted until now.

Episode 15, Seven Years Later, is available on the Audio Gaijin archive page (just scroll down). If you’re subscribed to the RSS feed in a podcast app to make loading them there easier, you’ll get the new episode automatically (unless I really messed something up).

We had fun recording it; I doubt anyone cares about the old days anymore, but it was a different experience living there when very few other foreigners were roaming around. The podcast was somewhat popular back when we were doing it, so I guess that means something.