Audio Gaijin Podcast Archive (Again)

site dev

Back in the old days (2006 to early 2007), my dad and I did a podcast about our years in Japan in the mid ‘70’s to early 80’s called Audio Gaijin. Any of you who’ve been gaijin know what I’m talking about, especially if you were gaijin back in those days. Now apparently you can’t throw a takoyaki without hitting a foreigner living in Japan, but it wasn’t the case back then. Living down south on Kyushu in the city of Kagoshima, we were followed around and stared at a lot. And that’s when the local active volcano, Sakurajima, wasn’t dumping ash on us as we sweated in the humidity of the summer heat. Yes, we walked both ways uphill too.

I’m starting to get the archive of the podcast back online on this recent incarnation of the web site. I have episodes 1 through 5 up right now, and I’ll get the others up as quickly as I can.

Here is the Audio Gaijin Archive page.