Audio Gaijin Podcast Archive Complete

I have all 14 episodes of Audio Gaijin up on the Audio Gaijin Podcast Archive. The last three are really fun; episode 12 is a great one with a special guest from our time in Japan, lucky episode 13 is about natural disasters and other phenomenon of nature that we experienced there, and the final one covers one of the best things about Japan: food!

Fortunately for me, in the years since this podcast was recorded, a lot of really excellent Japanese restaurants have opened up nearby, so my enjoyment of real Japanese food continues. Have yourself an Oyakodon and listen to all the episodes of AGP!

Here is the Audio Gaijin Archive page.

Edit: Jeff Ruberg has created a feed of AGP episodes using Huffduffer and woke me up to the fact that an RSS feed would let people load these into their podcast app of choice, so here’s the RSS feed for the Audio Gaijin Podcast archive:

Thanks Jeff!