A Little Mac Security

Ever since I’ve had broadband, I’ve been intrigued by the security implications of an always connected computer and how much goes on quietly in the background that we never see. Yeah, it’s all legit, or hopefully it is, but it also means that malware and hackers can crawl around on computers unnoticed pretty easily if they so desire.

I wrote about Little Snitch and Little Flocker, two of my favorite utilities to help prevent that kind of badness, for MyMac.

I used to use Little Snitch in the past, and quit when I decided it was too much of a pain. Now, several years later, I think it’s evolved into a more useful and pleasant piece of software to live with. It keeps track of incoming and outgoing network connections and gives Mac owners control over them.

Little Flocker, on the other hand, is a new application, and it’s like Little Snitch for the filesystem. It’s really thoughtfully designed, with features like startup analysis to see what loads on your Mac at boot.

I recommend both apps highly. You can read about why in my review on MyMac.