Why it’s bad when men pretend to be women

Kerri Hicks just knocks it out of the park with this piece on why it’s harmful for men to play women on the internet and try to take up their causes. This is exactly what made me so angry at the liar behind the Samantha Bielefeld persona: men don’t have the right to co-opt women’s causes and experiences and try to make them their own, let alone pretend that they even understand what it’s like to be a woman.

Gender appropriation is a big deal. When a man appropriates a woman’s gender, no matter what he says or does otherwise, his message is necessarily eclipsed by his character.6 A man misrepresenting himself as a woman in the tech world is a tidal wave against progress.

The other part about that whole situation that really bothered me was how many people didn’t get a clue immediately that this fraudster’s modus operandi was to find someone famous, attack them, and then try to parlay that into a site subscription model. I also found it really telling that people with a Marco axe to grind were so happy to find someone frothing at the mouth with them that they just abandoned all logic and common sense and got suckered in. Might want to rethink that strategy in the future.

Please read Kerri’s post on allthecandyintheworld.com.