It’s weird to me when even now people make a thing out of blogging, like it’s some otherworldly endeavor, or it’s something that should fall out of fashion and then come back in again. Somehow even after a couple decades, we keep acting like the internet is this new thing and everything is amazing and needs to be analyzed ad-nauseum.

Blogging is just writing. That’s all it is. Putting words on digital paper.

Yes, it’s on the internet, and yes, people have created a huge buzz marketing of blogging as something different and distinct from standard writing, be it creative or be it reporting the news, but it’s still all just writing.

I stumbled across a conversation on Twitter the other day about blogging, and whether a person was going to keep blogging or not, and the kind of dismissal of blogging as something passé.

I don’t care who’s doing the blogging, it’s just writing to me. The value isn’t in the fact it’s on a website or that the term “blog” is applied to it, the value is in the meaning of the words and the facts or stories they convey.

So, yeah, technically maybe you’re a blogger. Whatever. Who cares? What matters is that you’re writing. You’re a writer. You have things to say that no one else can say.

Write. Or don’t write. That’s all.