I love reading, and I enjoy listening to podcasts. Some of my favorite podcasts are those that combine the two interests, and Covered has to be at the top of that list.

Harry C. Marks is a tremendously skilled interviewer, and he brings a wide range of authors to the show. I’ve only been listening a short time and have already added several books to my must read list, thanks to Harry and guest authors.

One episode I’d like to highlight in particular, partly because I just finished listening to it, and partly because the subject matter of her book sounds fascinating, is S2E6 — Andrea Williams, THE LONGEST NIGHT. Andrea’s book is a fictional look at an actual event, the only immediately fatal nuclear reactor meltdown in the US.

Another imperative episode of Covered is S3E2 — Matt Gemmell, CHANGER. Matt Gemmell is a basically wonderful human being who happens to have gone a long way towards mastering the craft of writing. Writing novels is certainly a change from his previous career of Mac software developer, but readers of Changer will be glad he made the switch.

Quit wasting your time listening to the default tech podcasts that you always just play in the background anyway, and subscribe to something you’ll listen to every word of — Covered with Harry C. Marks.