I don’t seem to be a very prolific writer. When I write something for another site, it generally means this one suffers (and it’s not like I get more than a post or two per month out anyway).

Recently I wrote a review of AT&T’s new DIRECTV Now streaming live TV service for MyMac.com. It has some serious shortcomings, all of which serve as reminders of the worst things about TV service providers. AT&T learned the lesson about the box and (to some degree) pricing, but it hasn’t grasped why people still hate their satellite and cable companies.

I also did some soul-searching about my Twitter use and Twitter in general on Infocalypse.xyz. Not only have we given up on facts entirely, it’s possible we’re rewiring our brains in ways that make deep cognition more difficult, or at least less likely. My goal this year is to combat that in a couple different ways. One is to find one or two areas of non-expertise and do deep dives on them and really learn them. Another is to increase the amount of fiction that I read and write. Why read fiction to help better understand reality? First of all, much of fiction is (of course) reality-based or at least reality-inspired. Secondly, it opens up creative thinking processes. And finally, fiction helps give the brain a break so that it can problem solve in peace. The brain is fascinating that way, ruminating and clicking parts to see where they fit while we’re doing other things.

As for this site, I have a lot of wants: want to improve the WordPress theme, want to write more, want to be more meaningful when I do. Hey… it could happen.