Girl in Disguise

I don’t remember where or how I stumbled across the recommendation of Girl in Disguise, but once I read the premise, it immediately went on my “To Read” list. I also was able to download a sample from my library using the Libby iOS app. I actually put it on hold to checkout and figured while I’m waiting, I may was well read the sample. I wasn’t disappointed.

Girl in Disguise is the story of the first woman Pinkerton detective in 1856 Chicago. The book is a fictional account, but it’s based on the true story of Kate Warne. Based on the bit that I’ve read so far, it’s a fun and engaging story that paints a great picture of the Chicago scene of the time.

Going back to the topic of libraries and e-books, it’s a great way to read a lot of books without spending a lot of money. The downsides are wait times for books (libraries are only licensed so many “copies”) and… well, that’s the only downside I can think of. Oh — there is one more: you don’t get to own a copy, but hey. That’s how libraries work. The upsides are the ability to read tons of books you don’t have to pay cash for, and being able to support your library’s attempts to function in the digital age.

The Libby app is Overdrive’s newest incarnation, and it’s really nice. Basically, you find your library, log in with your library card information, and start borrowing books. If you’re a reader, you should do this now.


Harry Marks has a great interview with Greer Macallister, author of Girl in Disguise, on Covered podcast.