Free of Grumpiness

Yesterday I wrote about grumpy old Apple users, and about how Apple angered a lot of them by taking iOS apps out of iTunes on the Mac. Rob Griffiths pointed out a solution to this problem on Twitter. It’s called Apple Configurator 2, and it’s available for FREE in the Mac App Store.

Apple Configurator 2 is intended for easy configuration and deployment of iOS devices in schools and businesses, and people who need MDM capabilities should definitely look into it. It’s also useful for angry people and even non-angry people who just want to back things up to their Mac or move apps or data from their Mac to iOS devices.

From Rob’s blog post today about Apple Configurator 2:

Enter Apple Configurator 2, a free Mac app that Apple says “makes it easy to deploy iPad, iphone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your school or business.” But here’s a secret—shhhhhh!—you don’t have to be a school or business to use Configurator, nor do you have to use it for multiple devices—it works just fine for a single user with a single iOS device. And as an added bonus, it does some things that iTunes 12.6 and earlier never did.

You can get Apple Configurator 2 here and read Rob’s excellent post here.