Haberdashery 05 – Please Throw Me The Rolls

If there’s one thing Scott and Ronnie love in life, it’s food. Food, food, food, and more food.  Guess what this episode is all about? It’s a very small slice of some of the best food we’ve experienced.


Lambert’s Cafe – Sikeston MO

Hapa PDX – Portland OR

Eat-Rite Diner – St Louis MO

Pok Pok – Portland OR

Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse – Las Vegas

Salt & Straw – Portland OR

Art of Flavors – Las Vegas

Fried Egg I’m in Love – Portland OR

Forte – Las Vegas

PBJ’s Grilled – Portland OR

M&M Soul Food – Las Vegas

Chef movie

Jiro dreams of sushi movie