I didn’t lie. I said Ronnie and I were going to have a new podcast, and we delivered with Haberdashery. I’ve been surprised at how many downloads we’ve had for episode one of a podcast from two guys who, let’s face it, have never had a huge podcast following to begin with.

In the old days, I used WordPress, and so I was also using a WordPress plugin to generate my feeds. Unfortunately, when the authors of the plugin decided to limit the feed size to ten entries, it messed things up.1 Now I use Statamic and hand-build the templates that generate the feed based on each podcast entry in the podcasts directory. This is really great, but initially I had some errors and once I launched the podcast, I found that Overcast didn’t see any episodes. All the other iOS and Mac podcast apps I tried did. I actually think this is a plus for Marco; it means he’s serious about requiring valid RSS, and he has good reason to be. Life’s too short to try to parse other people’s RSS feed mistakes.

Next up on my podcasting agenda is to edit and publish the 15th episode of Audio Gaijin, recorded with my father and friends of ours from our time in Japan, some seven years after we stopped recording the podcast. Have you ever waited seven years for another episode of anything before?2

I think I’m going to make it my inaugural edition of Speaking of That as well as putting it in the Audio Gaijin podcast archive, since it’s actually a retired podcast now. It still probably won’t reach many people, but it will reach more than if I only add it to the archive.

So, yes, dad, I’m working on it…

  1.  The recently retired Pocket Sized Podcast is still in this boat. 
  2.  You were waiting, weren’t you?