Journal yourself

I’ve been using Day One for a long time to save photos and descriptions of events in my daughter’s life for her to enjoy in the future. Trips, birthdays, Christmases, first days of school – they’re all in there. Day One has always been a way of beautifully collecting memories, and now it’s been updated by its developer, Bloom Built, LLC, to be even more visually and functionally appealing. The new version is called Day One 2, and features multiple journal support, the ability to have several photos in one entry, an in-house Day One Sync service, and a greatly improved UI with interesting calendar and location views.

IMG_6794 IMG_6796 IMG_6797 IMG_6798

Best new feature by far: multiple journals. Because I’ve been using Day One to catalog the last few years of my daughter’s life, I haven’t been able to use the app to journal ideas and progress on goals of my own. I’ve done that off and on (mostly off) using other iOS journaling apps, none of which I enjoy using nearly as much as Day One. Now I don’t have to compromise my own journaling experience, I can use the app I prefer for it.

I’m not here to convince you that you’re a precious snowflake or anything (although you may well be), but regardless of your importance in life, you undoubtedly have ideas, projects, goals, or life events that are worth documenting on an ongoing basis. Journaling can spark creativity, document idea progression, and store important memories for later recollection. Day One is a beautiful way to do those things on Mac and iOS.

Day One 2 for iOS

Day One 2 for Mac