Later, cable

Today I finally called Comcast and asked them to turn off everything except the Internet. In other words, kill the cable tv, and kill the VOIP phone.

I never actually used the phone, never wanted it. The only reason I had it was because of the bundling shell game that the providers like to play so that they can save you tons of money while inching your bill back towards $200/mo. I’m tired of the shell game.

The Apple TV will be getting a lot more use by my wife and daughter now. My daughter and I use it the most, by far. Of course, I deleted all the network apps that require Xfinity login.

Some random observations:
– People in the US pay a lot for anything approaching modern broadband speeds. It made up almost half my Comcast bill previously.
– Hulu isn’t likely to make the “must keep“ list of alternate media options. It really doesn’t offer that much, and is very limited in how many seasons and episodes it offers of most shows. It’s a huge mixed bag.
– OTA HD channels look fine. We get the four usual local ones, plus OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). There are a couple others, but nothing anyone cares about.

Right now we have the 150Mbps/12Mbps internet tier. I may lower it to the 75Mbps tier in the future. It’d save an additional $15/mo, and probably won’t be noticeable when streaming video.

I hope at some point the cable providers figure out we’re tired of getting poked and prodded and squeezed harder and harder. There’s nothing on TV worth what they’re charging. I won’t miss making the annual call to Comcast to negotiate another special deal to bring the bill back down.