Have you heard yourself recently?

For eight years, white paranoiacs were predicting that Obama, who many of them labeled the literal anti-Christ, would round them up and stick them in detention camps. Now we are ripping little brown children from brown mothers and shoving them in cages and the same white people are cheering and citing Romans 13 as moral justification.

We’re lovingly embracing our authoritarian overlords in the name of wildly misguided self-interest and self-righteous legal positioning.

By the way, your interpretation of the Bible sucks, people. I don’t believe in that perverted portrait of God and I don’t want to. It’s a lying, nationalist, caucasian-centric supreme being conjured up to allow your moral abominations and shedding of your humanity.

But humanity is greater than country. People matter more than flags. It’s a lie that the people being stuffed in cages in Texas are criminals. Have a little imagination and ask yourself why they are fleeing to the US in the first place, and then have a little humanity and admit to yourself that yelling “but the law!” only proves that you’re ceding your soul so you can be technically correct.

By the way, there is no law mandating separating families. Trump is lying and the scared white people who hate “others” are gobbling it up so they can chortle and snicker while claiming Jesus as their advocate. The administration is holding children hostage so they can force a negotiation with their political opponents, and we’re all letting them get away with it. Some of us are even clapping and whistling and yelling about making America great again.