In 1984, two significant products were launched that sparked my imagination and consumed my thoughts on a daily basis. Those two things were the Apple Macintosh and Macworld magazine.

I caught the news of the shuttering the print edition of Macworld magazine today by accident on twitter, and then I checked Jason Snell’s twitter feed to see what was going on. He explains it all in a personal blog post.

Although the online version of Macworld is not going away (at least yet, officially), a lot of great Macworld staff lost their jobs today, which is incredibly sad both for the obvious human reasons and because they simply deserved better if quality and talent were the determining factors. My honest guess is that the Macworld web site is going to be a shell of its former self.

Many of my early computing years were filled with hours of reading Macworld, and learning about the Mac and the Mac ecosystem. Too, it was a shared experience with my father. We both had those original Macs (of course, he was buying!), we both upgraded them as far as they could be upgraded as time went along, and we shared Macworld magazine. The things of your youth that bring you closer to a family member like that are ones you always treasure, and Macworld was one of those for a long time.

We use the term “end of an era” a lot, partially because the world keeps changing and a lot of eras do keep ending, but this really is the end of an era. For everyone who is and was at Macworld and who did consistently great work, thank you. Your words and your work had impact.