Media Query

Tonight I shrunk the height of the header on this website by almost 50%. It was huge, and it has been bugging me for a long time.

Naturally, modifying the theme1 meant tweaking the css for viewing on the iPhone as well. I think it works on most iOS devices now, at least according to the Xcode simulator, but I can’t get it working correctly in portrait mode for the iPhone 6 plus. I have no clue why; media queries look simple enough, but for some reason they don’t work quite how they’re intended all the time, apparently. Or I’m doing it wrong, which is entirely possible.

For the moment, iPads get the desktop version, which works, but dumps the tagline over the road sign image. I’ll work on it later. I’m definitely not a web designer. My main goal at the moment was just getting the header down to a size that doesn’t scrape against both planets when trying to squeeze its way between earth and mars.

  1. I’m using a child theme, of course. Anything less would be uncivilized.