No imagination

The people of this country have chosen the path of least resistance, the path of no imagination, the path of accepting the lie that what currently is must by necessity always be. We’ve chosen guns over children, time and time again, arguing that there’s nothing we can do. We yell and rant that even discussing the possibility of a better way is politicizing the issue.

Is it really political and wrong to want to talk about this now so that we can quit talking about how many children have been slaughtered this time? And the next? And the next again after that?

Maybe it’s because I spent a good part of my childhood overseas that I see the lie for what it is, but it is a damnable lie. We don’t have to live this way. We choose to because we are taught to equate guns with God and country, as though Jesus can be found in the barrel of a gun, and controlling guns is equivalent to selling our birthright for a bowl of porridge. It’s an emotional belief instilled into millions of Americans that has nothing to do with logic or utility and everything to do with personal and national identity.

Our collective obstinance and stupidity on this topic is something that no one from any other civilized nation can begin to comprehend. We believe that death is freedom, it’s really that simple. There’s no other way to explain it. I guess it’s not surprising for a country whose biggest export is war.

Damn your gun love straight to hell, America. Someday the generations we sit by and watch get mowed down in classrooms are going to have had more than enough of your shit, and I sincerely pray your time of reckoning comes when they do.