Now Listening in Overcast Workflow

I like to tweet out podcasts that I’m listening to in case other people are looking for things to listen to and want ideas, as well as to show podcasters that someone is enjoying their work. The other day someone asked me on Twitter how I automatically get my tweets formatted the way they are. The answer is simple, but also slightly complex: I use a Workflow to get the information formatted how I want it, then I send that to Linky.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

If you’re familiar with Workflow, you know it’s a great automation tool for iOS. In the case of my “Listening in Overcast Linky” workflow, Overcast passes the podcast page URL to Workflow. Workflow grabs and parses that Overcast page for the podcast episode and gets the title and formats it how I want. I then call Linky and pass that to a Linky template called “Suggested Image”, which means that the podcast artwork will get pulled from the page by Linky and appended to the tweet.

The reason I included Linky in the process rather than just sharing directly what Overcast wants to share or even just doing some formatting in Workflow and then directly sharing that is that I can control how the tweet is formatted, what account is used, and how the image is attached. Prior to iOS losing built in tweet support, I used to just use a Workflow in which I parsed it all myself and tweeted it directly. However, Linky gives me additional control thanks to its templates.

Overcast is a great iOS only podcast app. Its website is here, and it can be downloaded here.

My Listening to in Overcast Linky workflow can be found here. More about Workflow itself is here.

Linky’s website is here, and more information about Linky URL schemes can be found here.