Peachy scambots

Peach is weird, but I like it. A lot of people from “tech Twitter” (I kind of hate that term) all signed up to grab their usernames, as they are wont to do; maybe the new social network will last, probably it won’t, but who wants some loser misusing their name?

Still, I’ve been seeing something weird there since I discovered the Friends of Friends view. None of those people look real. Their statuses look like bots or else things that lobotomy survivors would write, and their friends lists are insane. Here’s a screenshot of a typical view of my Friends of Friends list. I blurred out some swear words, but basically one of those statuses is something almost no one would post in social media publicly, and the rest of them just look like filler material. Click any of the images in this post to see larger versions.


I took another look at the Friends of Friends view later and went into the profile of a random person who looked like her statuses might be bogus.


Then I checked her friends list… and it seems insane. There’s no way Peach has this many “normals” and very unlikely so many young kids on it. I think they’re all on Snapchat, aren’t they? As far as I can tell, the only friends of mine on peach really are the tech/nerd crowd, and these people definitely aren’t those. Look at the long image in full size. This is just a portion of her friends list. I counted over 60 before I got tired of counting. I just don’t buy that. Not on Peach, not this soon, not with that many non-techy looking accounts (not to mention they all look fake anyway). You can see on the last image the accounts Sen @lipgloss and Sen @demons appear to be the same person. I guess it’s possible, but I’m not buying it.

no way    dupe

My question is, is there an API for Peach that someone has figured out how to abuse, or is Peach abusing their own service to make it look like they’ve got something going? I know which way I’m betting.