There’s nothing quite like a good pie, and if you’re in Portland, some of the best pies you’ll ever eat are just waiting at Pacific Pie Co for you to come and sink your teeth into them . I’m talking meat pies. I’m talking sweet pies. I’m talking lunch and desert consisting of nothing but pies. Beautiful, magnificent pies.

Ok, I also actually recommend the delicious salads and other side items at Pacific Pie Co to go with your meal, but the reason you’ll want to make the trip is for the pies.

I discovered Pacific Pie Co one Sunday while looking for a place to eat before an early afternoon showing of a great white shark documentary my daughter and I wanted to watch at the OMSI Empirical Theater. Sharks aren’t the only creatures with appetites. Turns out great pies are just a hop, skip, jump, and a few blocks walk to the northeast of OMSI.

It wasn’t the wonderful descriptions on Yelp of “savory pies” and “fresh baked pies and sausage rolls” that convinced me this was the place. It wasn’t even the pictures, although, wow. Just look at them. If those don’t make you hungry, you’re probably not actually alive anymore.

No, it was the lunch and dinner menu that made me cave. Shepherd’s Pie. Steak and Cheese Pie.1 Those are all the words I needed to see to convince me to drag my daughter up the hill in the baking noon sun to visit them for lunch.2

Clearly I couldn’t eat both the Shepherd’s Pie and the Steak and Cheese pie, so I chose the Steak and Cheese. It’s incredible. The crust is light and flaky, and it comes with a cow baked right onto the top. The steak is tender and juicy and delicious in ways that make me want to drive all the way back down there right now. The cheese… the cheese is Tillamook cheese at its best, melted in with the meat and crust and generally making life worth living. This is a MEAT PIE, ladies and gentlemen.

Steak and Cheese Pie from Pacific Pie Co

I really enjoyed the salad topped with Blue Cheese dressing too. Seriously. I love a good salad.

My daughter stuffed herself on a grilled cheese sandwich and crunchy veggies, but as full as she was afterwards, we both knew what was going to happen next, and the dessert menu made it possible.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.

Oh. Man. They describe it as “a graham cracker crust with a creamy peanut butter filling and dark chocolate ganache”, but I say they could call it “some stuff we threw on a plate” and it would still be worth fighting through a herd of bison to get to.

Interesting that there’s no bison pie, now that I think of it…

Seriously, you have to go right now to Pacific Pie Co and eat pie. Eat meat pie. Eat sweet pie. Eat pie until you cry. It’ll be a joyful, “why did I wait so long to find this place?” kind of crying, and no one will judge you at all. Well, maybe just a little. But you won’t care. You’ll be too busy eating… pie.


  1. With Tillamook cheese, no less. It could easily be the most amazing cheese on the planet. Tillamook also makes incredibly creamy and delicious ice cream. 
  2. Even Portland gets hot on occasion during the summer. It’s been warm this year.