The Return of Pocket Sized Podcast – what’s old is new again

In case you somehow missed it (yes, I’m kidding), Pocket Sized Podcast is back after a three-year coma. It seems that what’s old is new again. Thanks to Ronnie, it has a .fm domain name:

We are going to revitalize our mission of covering Apple hardware and software, apps, and notable Apple community people, with the newly added promise that 30 minutes is our limit for each episode. As Ronnie imagined on our introductory resuscitation episode (164a), when we hit the 30 minute mark, the podcast ends, even if someone is in the middle of a word. It’s the law.

Our Twitter account for the podcast is PocketSizedPod, if you want to yell at us or tell us your feelings (we tend to ignore those). You can also use it to send us a request to join our Slack group for listeners.

If you’re like us and see good things in the past and terrible things in the future, subscribe to the podcast and hope that sometimes you really can go home again.