Pinch to Zooming your way out of privacy

I’ve always felt like Instagram is very clearly not about photos and photography. Even before they were owned by Facebook, getting users to sign up and share things was much more important to Instagram than presenting photos in a compelling manner. As I pointed out in February, not providing support for a feature like pinch-to-zoom which has been with the iPhone since day one is proof that Instagram doesn’t really care about the photos. They care about your data and re-sharing what you share to people with deep pockets.

Now, a mere 9 years after the introduction of the iPhone, the world’s first ubiquitous pinch-and-zoom photo platform, Instagram, which has been on that platform since 2010, is finally adding the ability to zoom in on photos so that you can actually SEE and enjoy the details in people’s high resolution photographs. It’s still insane to me that anyone would ever create a photo app of any kind on a modern smartphone and not provide this basic capability, but there you go. Funnily enough, I tweeted about this very thing just a few days ago:

I’m glad Instagram made this incredibly obvious and necessary change to their app, both because it’s needed for the app itself and to prove to me that, no, I haven’t been insane all this time, they really didn’t think people needed to be able to look closely at their friends’ photos.

This doesn’t change the fact that Instagram now belongs to Facebook, and like everything owned by Facebook, its primary job is sucking in personal data so that it can get busy making money off of it. That’s never going to change as long as Facebook has life in its compassionless body.