I quit using Facebook several years ago, but I still like Twitter for getting instant news and for keeping up with specific people that share interests, or who I think I can just learn something from. There are a lot of smart and interesting people in the world.

Still, I need a change this upcoming year. 2017 was a depressing slog for anyone who paid any attention to the news at all. I think Twitter made this even worse, because a lot of people I follow(ed) obviously feel the same way about the past year and the current state of the union as I do.

So as of this afternoon, here’s my new and improved “Following” number on Twitter. In case you’ve never looked at my profile, that means I cut over 530 people from my feed today. Yep, I was following more than 1530 people. Now I’m not.

Don’t worry, I didn’t banish all of those people back to the loneliness of their previously anonymous lives. I moved a lot of accounts to lists, where I’ll have to actively go looking for them. I also did some list tweaking, hopefully making them more relevant and useful to me in the process. Time will tell.

I’m not opposed to swinging the axe some more later, but for now I’ll stick with how I redefined Twitter for myself today and see if it improves my online mood any.

I have to be honest, I struggle with the notion of being too well informed vs. the possibility of being too ignorant. I think that everyone burying their head in the sand and only caring about themselves is part of how we wound up with Trump and Co repaving the country to the whims of the wealthy. On the other hand, caring too much without a proper perspective and the ability to maintain a productive outlook is dangerous for the old mental health, and probably a massive waste of time as well.

I don’t know where the balance lies, and I don’t know how to be concerned and informed in a way that is positive and constructive. On the other hand, I don’t want to pretend none of the rotten stuff that’s happening isn’t happening, because that’s how we wind up with a future America that no one wanted or saw coming.

I’ll tell you one thing I’m NOT doing, and that is to repeatedly quit and rejoin Twitter over and over like some of people I know have done. I understand that they’re just trying to figure it out too, but it just seems overly dramatic and annoying. Either I’ll get a grip and figure out how I want to use Twitter positively, or I’ll just stop using it without deleting my account and announcing to everyone that they need to say goodbye to me forever.

Anyway, I have no answers. Story of my life, to be honest, and more of my life is in the past than is in the future.

One thing’s for sure, I can’t afford another year of being the in grumpy mood that I spent 2017 in.