Shortcuts to failure

I still frequently read about how terrible Apple is at online services, and to be honest, most of it is commentary on the past. iCloud is actually pretty solid in most regards. iCloud Drive works well, iTunes Match (now called iTunes in the Cloud or something) works fine,1, generally everything is solid for me except the iOS app store and one aspect of data syncing: keyboard shortcuts.

Considering all the other complicated data that Apple are syncing to and fro across the etherwebs, you’d think they could get keyboard shortcuts delivered safely, but you’d be completely overly optimistic. In my case, keyboard shortcuts on the Mac are up for deletion at any time, without any notice. Shortcuts on iOS, however, have the opposite problem: I delete them, and they just keep coming back, the same way Comcast will always make sure the price of your cable bill climbs back to previous levels or higher a few months after an adjustment. It just never ends.

Oh, look... all my shortcuts... gone.

Oh, look… all my shortcuts… gone.

Seriously, Apple, either get keyboard shortcuts synced properly, give up entirely, or give us a switch we can toggle similar to email, notes, and any other type of data we can choose to let iCloud sync or not. At least then, I could toggle until something happens rather than have to just manually recreate the ones I actually DO want on my Mac.

I’ll talk about the iOS app store failings another time. Honestly, as stupid as it can be, the biggest issue by far is with things that just quietly disappear from the App and iTunes stores.

  1. Unless paired with Apple Music, which causes some people problems. It didn’t cause me any problems during my Apple Music trial period, and nothing bad happened when I let Apple Music expire after the trial was over. By the way, the Apple Music UI is a bit of a mess, but that’s a whole other topic.