A tree falling in the forest

Just as a tree that falls in the forest with no one to hear it still falls, so too a web site that is changed with no one to see it still changes. That’s my convoluted way of announcing a complete site redesign. Without getting into the gory technical details, the bottom line is that I am tired of WordPress and wanted something with better performance, and is more easily modified (by me, anyway).

The site now runs on Statamic, a flat-file PHP CMS. There is no database. All content is written in Markdown, which is great for me, because if there’s one thing the iPad has, it’s great Markdown capable editors like Phraseology.

I like to write about a variety of topics, because like any other grown adult, I have many different interests. One thing I hope to get set up in the near future is rss feeds for different topics, such as an F1 rss feed, a tech rss feed, a Japan/Japanese rss feed, a biking rss feed, etc, etc. It should be pretty straightforward.

So long, and thanks for all the… no, wait, that was a goodbye, wasn’t it? Um. HI!!